I’m So Excited!

I will not be watching James Dean Story today.

Instead, because my flatmate is putting it on, I will be watching Pedro Almoldóvar’s ‘I’m So Excited’ (2013)

Checking out the imdb rating of 5.6, How could I not be?



His previous films are mostly brilliant though, so I’m giving this rating the benefit of the doubt for now.

showtime at 9

So yeah, its an entertaining B movie, old school. The first half is a bit of a drag, I was thinking Airplane/Carry On movie but it picks up in inimitable Almoldovar style, although it does miss a few beats along the way (maybe a few beats too many) and rounds off with an inventive low budget finale. Very short cameos from Penelope Cruz and Antonia Banderas at the beginning of the movie now act as some kind of retroactive low budget punchline. A tongue-in-cheek bit of fun film not to be taken too seriously but to be admired all the same.

Tomorrow I will watch ?


As a wee bonus there was a sneaky rewatch of ‘Birthday Girl’ (2001) tonight. Another kind of B movie with an accidental couple of A-listers. Referencing Pinter’s ‘Birthday Party’ but with a hollywood ending. also Lots of cameos from the English comedy establishment of the early 00’s



The trailer has the classic american gravely voiced guy, hamming it up like its 1989.

“But, before they share a fut ure …    they have to surv i v e her past!”

but.. as everyone says … why doesn’t he call the police???? cause it woulda been the end of the film after 30mins that’s why…  It have would make a better film had it been left at the 30minute mark, more mysterious, less hollywood.



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