Sunset Boulevard

imageI was not ready for the rest of James Dean Story so I put on a classic which I have never watched before. It has been on my To Watch list for a while and I am interested to see how it is and how it relates to our man Robert Altman within the Hollywood timeline.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

It is amazing. There are so many references and it ties directly to Altman. No doubt this was one of his most influencial films. Most superficially and obviously he references it in ‘The Player’ during the script pitching scenes, but I feel there is something deeper going on, something at the very heart of Altman’s films. It is pulling many pieces together for me. Also I notice key parts of the plot of a Columbo episode starring Janet Leigh, ‘Forgotton Lady’. Likewikes she played a discarded aging hollywood star hoping for one last shot at glory, she watches her own movies in her livingroom.

Another reference, well the major plot of Altman’s ‘That Cold Day In The Park’ is borrowed from Sunset Boulevard. A deranged woman keeps a man held house prisoner, sound familiar?

So yes, Sunset Boulevard is great, I have a feeling I will be watching it again soon.

but alas James Dean Story

I’ll watch it tomorrow


other thoughts/refences/links

The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925. Novel

The Great Gatsby (Film)

Citizen Kane, Orson Welles (1941)

Psycho (1960) >

The Phantom of The Paradise (1974) >

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